The Amena® Program is a Saudi Trafic Department and the Canadian Ministry of Transportation approved Beginner Driver Education Program. The Amena® Program consists of 8 hours of in-classroom in­struction, 2 hours of which are in simulation labs, and 10 hours of online training. 20 hours of one-on-one in-vehicle instruction.

Utilizing interactive, educational aids, such as inter­active response pads and our cornerstone virtual reality (VR) simulation, our formally trained instructional de­signers combine these powerful tools with a coaching/ mentoring style to capture learner engagement and increase knowledge transfer and retention. Traditional instructors now have at their disposal the program and tools to provide impactful learning that can change and save lives.

For the purposes of this engagement, the Amena® Program curriculum is translated and localized as per Saudi Traffic Rules and Conditions including Power­Point slides, student handbook, simulator scenarios, interactive questions, and in-vehicle evaluation. ...Learn more

The 4 Pilars

CPS Inc. is an independent owned training and consulting practice that operates in 9 countries globally.

Since 2000 we have partnered with leaders in training and edu­cation to advance the employee knowledge base of major players in key industries on an organizational and national scale.

CPS Inc. benefits from a massive talent pool of qualified subject matter experts with deep practical knowledge and a team of qualified project coordinators with seasoned project management expertise. Our training focus on adding value to client organizations through sessions that are relevant, practical and implementable, allowing for the continuous generation of value, optimal operations and high impact results. ...Learn more

The DriveSim is a joint effort by CPS-Drivewise and world-renowned driving simulator manufacturer L3’s Training Systems Group. CPS-Drivewise designs and builds a low cost highly effective physical configuration as well as all training exercises and simulation labs. The industry leading L3 driving simulator runtime powers this innovative CPS-Drivewise solution. The DriveSim is ideal for new driver (passenger vehicle) training and road safety awareness initiatives. ...Learn more

A 30 Hour Curriculum for new Driver training

Instructor Driver Training Course

CPS provides extensive training services and support. Our team has won an award of excellence for its Instructor Driver Training Course from the Institute for Performance and Learning.

The course will be adjusted for the Saudi Arabia localization and target audience. This course was built based on a solid standard provided by the strictest jurisdiction in North America.

The train the trainer course will enable the instructor to become a competent driving instructor. It is 2 weeks long and will be delivered in three environments including:

• Interactive Classroom: 25 hours
• Simulation labs: 14 hours
• In-vehicle instruction: 41 hours ...Learn more

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​Who We Are 

Driving School Software is the cloud-based solution designed specifically for schools performing driver education and training, and for commercial training schools. Software is built and supported from the United States and it is built on Microsoft SQL server database, and .NET platform.

Driving School Software is currently used by over 300 driving schools and is the largest provider of this type of service, in the United States and Canada. Our team processes over 400,000 students per year and growing.

Our software can also be highly customized and adjusted to meet the local state/country, language, and business requirements. Software also has extensive capability to utilize 3rd party services via APIs for credit card processing, text messaging, mapping and more.

Driving School Software is typically hosted in Azure Data Center in the United States on a Windows OS type server, however for the purposes of this engagement our team will host the services in KSA.

Driving School Software is accessed directly via Internet browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and there is no local installation component that is required. It is a 100% web-based solution. ...Learn more

Driving School Management Software

Driving Simulator

Building Driving Schools Experience in KSA

Cloud-Based Solution


Driving School Services

4 Pillars of a sustainable driving school that CPS has been successfully delivered within the last four years in Saudi Arabia:

1. 30 Hour Amena® Curriculum designed to ensure beginner drivers cover all learning modules necessary as per Saudi Traffic Department regulations.

​2. DriveSim®  that promotes user engagement and higher transfer of learning made by L3 in the USA.

​3. Driving school management software tested in over 400 schools in the US and Canada used to keep track of administrator, student, and instructor scheduling needs.

4. 15-day Train-The-Trainer program for all incoming trainers focusing on the best use of Amena® curriculum and simulators to ensure trainee success throughout the course.


Our Clients

15-Day Train-The-Trainer Program