Our Values
​How we do things is just as important as what we do.  Our organization operates as a family and our team operates in accordance with our value system: 

Integrity | Passion | Initiative | Teamwork

CPS Inc. 
CPS Inc. is an independent owned training and consulting practice that operates in 9 countries globally. Since 2000 we have partnered with leaders in training and edu­cation to advance the employee knowledge base of major players in key industries on an organizational and national scale. CPS Inc. benefits from a massive talent pool of qualified subject matter experts with deep practical knowledge and a team of qualified project coordinators with seasoned project management expertise. Our training focus on adding value to client organizations through sessions that are relevant, practical and implementable, allowing for the continuous generation of value, optimal operations and high impact results.

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Ahmed Nazmi
Vice President of Operations

Mr. Ahmed is a driven leader and project manager who is skilled at rallying all parties involved in his engagements to his side. He refuses to accept the status quo and challenges clients, trainees and employees alike to achieve their potential and consistently improve their skills and expand their capabilities. He has a strong appreciation for the challenges that his clients are facing and leverages his years of experience to bring about a fresh perspective to engagements. A true leader Ahmed is a powerful asset to all training and consulting engagements he is a part of.

Omar Nazmi
Vice President of Business Development

Omar has an unwavering attention to detail, which has been a cornerstone of CPS. He excels at designing and implementing innovative approaches to client requests, often crafting practical and creative solutions to complex queries. Omar maintains a unique mentality of process driven attitude coupled with a glaring understanding for the bigger picture making him an asset to clients and employees alike. Omar’s commitment to building long term partnerships is evident in his role at CPS managing a wealth of the organization’s relationships with clients.


Nazmi M Nazmi

Mr. Nazmi’s passion for complex problem solving and relentless dedication to quality training through innovative approaches has helped lay the foundation for our organization. As the founder of CPS Canadian Petroleum Services, his entrepreneurial spirit is contagious, and his seemingly endless drive has shaped CPS as an organization that understands the big picture while maintaining focus on the details in all of our engagements. As a leader; his vision, demanding standards and persevering spirit are in every aspect of the company. Prior to CPS Mr. Nazmi was a successful sales manager for a Fortune 500 computer company and was responsible for sales in the Middle East and North Africa.