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Basic Driving Instructor Course

The Basic Driving Instructor Course allows individuals to train and become a qualified driving instructor based on the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (Canada) standards. Some of the topics covered in the course are as follows:

Fundamentals of learning and instruction
Coaching principles
Basic driver education review
In-vehicle instruction techniques

Our classes are taught by industry experts who teach using an experiential learning method. Classrooms are small and facilitate collaborative learning and discussion. The technologies that have made our renowned training programs so effective are used in our career college courses, including audience response systems and simulators, which bridge the gap between theory and in-vehicle. Instructors can learn and practice in-vehicle instruction techniques in the safety of the simulator.


Safe Driver Development
Program Overview: The Safe Driver Development Program at CPS is customized to the participant’s occupation, local environment and company procedures and policies. This 4-hour course targets risky driving habits and replaces them with safe driving behaviours

CPS incorporates all the content of standard defensive driving programs but advances one step further to engage the job tasks specific to the occupation. Our customized courseware provides the advantage of addressing the specific concerns and objectives of your training.

4 Hour Course Breakdown

8 AM9 AM — Classroom
-  6 Star Approach to Cooperative Driving (Canadian Ministry of Transportation approved)
-  Engaging classroom discussions and group activities
-  Animated assessment using clickers

9 AM10 AM — Simulator
​-  Introduction to simulation-based driver training
-  Scenarios testing scanning, intersections, lane of least resistance and traffic signals
-  Risky behaviours are found and corrected via the replay function and group discussion

10AM – 11AM – Classroom
-  Theoretical session emphasizing speed and space management, close quarter manoeuvring and safe backing procedures.
-  Videos with safe and unsafe driving behaviours which are discussed as a group.
-  Cumulative animated evaluation using clickers

11 AM12 AM — Simulator
-  A Simulator session that tests driver behaviours in multiple advanced scenarios
-  Faults are introduced by the instructor such as tire blow out, animal crossing, brake failure, adverse weather conditions, head-on collisions and       poor visibility
-  Instructor completes a written driver risk profile report
-  Risky behaviours are found and corrected via the replay function and group discussion

New Driver Training

CPS’s blended learning approach sets us apart from all other driving schools. We are a Ministry of Transportation Ontario (Canada) approved Basic Driver Education Course Provider.

Our SafeStart Program features 40 hours of novice driver training broken down into the following:

  • 14 hours of interactive classroom learning
  • 6 hours of driving simulation labs
  • 10 hours of online learning
  • 10 hours of in-vehicle training


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Professional Drivers Training

 Each industry has different circumstances to consider when it comes to driver training. Our curriculum designers have collaborated with industry experts to develop training programs for the following industries:

Emergency Medical Services
Heavy Trucks
Hydrocarbon Trucks for Oil & Gas
Corporate Fleets

Each training program is delivered with the relevant courseware and virtual environment on the driving simulator. Vehicle types, as well as scenarios, are specific to each course.